Dear Madam

As Ananya completes her fantastic time at Kid Care today, I thought it would be just right to make this small note of appreciation for the wonderful work that you are doing with all these little ones.

Both my little girls have now spent a precious one year at Kid Care and I am very happy with the experiences that they have had while at the school. I found that Kid Care follows a balanced approach to play – learn- fun – activity routine and the child was always looking forward to the next day at school. The teachers are very involved and the ayahs are extremely kind and caring with the children.

I was especially happy with the outdoor trips to the Post Office (how sweet to introduce little ones to this almost lost world), aerodrome, zoo and puppet show. And the Annual Day Celebrations displaying the immense talent in these tinytots was the final icing on the cake

Keep up the good work and enthusiasm!!


Asha Eugene (mother of Anisha & Ananya)

4th March 2011

My name is Katya, I am a parent of two girls who have attended Kid Care.

When my first daughter was ready to attend school, I searched for a playschool around Anna Nagar that was mainly clean, had a nice play area with good equipment, good teachers and helpers to assist my daughter grow and learn.

I am so glad that I found Kid Care; I was so happy with it that I enrolled my second daughter.

Kid Care has grown over the last year, it has a second class room and a nice and bright environment for the kids to have a happy time.

The teachers are very caring. Throughout the year, there have been many activities for the kids and parents, like sports day, friendly rangoli contests, puppet show, excursions for the kids and Christmas celebrations.

My daughter is now ready to attend LKG and we will miss Kid Care very much. I know that Kid Care was an excellent choice for us.


Katya Lakshmi Naryan

06 March 2011

Dear Mrs Meenakumari,

It was a great pleasure interacting with you and your colleagues at Kid Care in the last two years in which my lttle daughter Vasanthisri spent her time with abundant cheer and significant learning environment.

Vasanthisri was 2 years and 3 months old when she entered your school with the kind of apprehension common with children of her age. I am glad I took this decision and it was a turning point for my daughter. I found myself proving right month after month. She has learnt and picked up a lot more than I expected.

The best ways in which you had prepared the children -to start liking to be at Kid Care, to be among their group, to like each other, to play with each other, to learn with each other –demonstrates your experience, professional skills, commitment to the tough job and great love and affection for young students and above all, your masterly child development plans.

You have provided everything that a child needs at this age to learn and enjoy among others and to transform themselves into well prepared students for transferring to reputed and competitive schools. Your preparation is the most important factor for Vasanthisri clinching meritorious admission to the reputed Chinmaya Mission School.

My husband Sathish, joins me in thanking you and your colleagues for their excellent care and learning you provided for my little daughter. May God bless you with lots of opportunities and laurels.

Good Wishes

Devi Satheesh