Kid Care’s Successful Teaching Methodology:

  • Kid Care uses the tried and tested play-way method concentrating on the following skills through play:
  • Physical: Fine motor skills, Gross motor skills, Sensory experiences
  • Cognitive: Language experiences, Listening skills and Thinking skills
  • Social & Emotional Skills: Self esteem, interaction with others, co-operation, problem solving, making choices and following directions


  • The goal of the playschool is to provide a limited number of children an opportunity to grow in a safe, caring and supportive environment.
  • We offer care that focuses on the physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth of children at their own pace.
  • With guidance and understanding we have moulded children into confident and independent individuals.
  • Children are taught to respect each other and adults.
  • We work hand in hand with parents to promote healthy overall development in each child while preparing them for the challenges of tomorrow.